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AYW - Wiring Harness / Power Distribution

Mopar® factory options offer a turnkey solution to customize your Charger to your exact needs. Easy to order à la carte products from established suppliers give you competitive pricing, faster responses and convenient invoicing through your dealer. As a Mopar police vehicle upfitter, GFX Law can provide your fleet with factory and aftermarket options that ensure safe, reliable and fast vehicle upfits.

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AYW - Wiring Harness / Power Distribution
AYE - Base Police Package
CUG - Police Console
TBH - Spare Tire Relocation Bracket

Safety Packages
CBT - Steel Back Panels
XDV – Driver side ballistic door protection
XDG – Passenger side ballistic door protection
M2B - Vinyl Hood Wrap

AYW - Wiring Harness
The Mopar®  AYW harness communicates with the vehicle system interface module (VISM) and provides I/O signals to your siren control system and other devices.  Equipment timers can be easily added to control, computer, camera, modem and printer circuits to help eliminate draws that may drain the battery.  This system works with most light heads on the market today!
Features include;
  • 13 pre-wired light head connections for your 360 degree lighting layout.
  • Light head synchronizing wiring designed to create wig-wag effects for your perimeter lighting. 
  • Clearly labeled and color coded circuits for police equipment.
  • All connectors to interface with the harness.
  • Common chassis grounding points for all light head circuits.
  • Programmable output commands based on vehicle sensors (alarm, door ajar, headlights, horn,  park, etc.).

AYW - Power Distribution Center (PDC)
A 200-Amp Power Distribution Center features labeled fuses and relays for power and lighting circuits.  Ignition controlled circuits in both trunk and console allow easy installation of items that require ignition switched power.